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2008 Atlanta

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How Lord Caitanya Transformed this World

(Gaura Purnima - March 21, 2008)


Lord Caitanya- The Most Merciful Incarnation

(Evening lecture of Gaura Purnima - March 21, 2008)

(Evening class on Gaura Purnima - March 21, 2008)


Bharat Varsa and Political History

(SB class on verse 1.4.7 through 1.4.11 - March 22, 2008)


Principles of Yoga

(Interview with Srila Acaryadeva - March 22, 2008)


No Equality without Creator

(Bhagavad Gita class on verse 7.13 - March 23, 2008)


Karma, Suffering and Compassion

(Conversation with devotees - March 23, 2008)


The Power of Language

(June 6, 2008)


Our Relation With Krsna

(Darshan, June 7, 2008)


The Collapse of Classical Civilization

(Darshan, June 6, 2008)


Give the non-devotees a little slack

...and do not present the false impression that we are giving them an absolute, eternal ethnicity.

(Panihati Festival- June 8, 2008)