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Dolphins, Spiritual Relationships and Japa (3-29-08)

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Conversation about the consciousness of Dolphins, the beauty of Krsna Consciousness, being able to recognize it, and about chanting japa




Question: How do we know whether dolphins are not spiritually as advanced or even more developed and devoted as we are, just because we are not able to they have different ways of communication?


Acaryadeva defeats this argument by logic and reasoning. His main point is that there must be a connection between describable behaviour and states of consciousness. So if we praise dolphins for their social development like helping each other and even humans, then we compare their behaviour to that of humans. Since we don’t see any explicit acts of devotion in their behaviour we cannot conclude that they are spiritually highly evolved.


Krsna as an eternal youth is psychologically younger than we are. If we revive our spiritual youth, we are eternally young. The more we realize our soul, the more the body is just an instrument. 


Krsna Consciousness fulfils all our desires and dreams about perfect love, friendship and beauty. They are based on reality. “Sometimes I say I am too romantic to get married”.

All of our most romantic dreams are true. There is perfect romantic love even in the spiritual world, but it is all centred around Krsna. People fall in love with each other. Vasudeva & Devaki, Nanda  & Yasoda – they really love each other, that’s why they are together. Everything is there but as soon as I want to be the centre and enjoyer everything is poisoned.

When we become Krsna Conscious we see Krsna everywhere.


Japa-Retreat: The techniques can be good if they work for someone. We should always keep in the forefront the feeling for Krsna. The technique is assisting what is the central reality of japa – that Krsna is in His name. “What helps me -  I like to remember that this is my only real chance I have to be happy and to get past my bad habits and to really have a good life.”


We need to become convinced that there is no other way, that Krsna is present in His name and that I have a relationship with Krsna.  I am part of Krsna. “The japa is do or die, this is my only chance. “  Sometimes we have to be physical (i.e. waving or screaming to Krsna) and do something to get past this mental funk.


I am crying out to Krsna because I want to Krsna, it is not mechanical. There is a real tendency to reduce everything to a mechanism in order to master it. However, we cannot master japa. Therefore Rupa Goswami says niyamagraha. (no rules or only rules - the principles are necessary but not sufficient)


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