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Favorite Quotes

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Please feel free to add your favorite quotes here:


  •  "Don't worry about money, just try to do something nice for Krsna and Money will come" orginally from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta


  • We have the highest knowledge and the highest cholesterol."


  •   "It's a community not only so can you have organic food in your stomach but you can have God in your heart" Immediately following he said "there's a sound byte for you".   This is from a class given at Murari Sevaka Community on Gaura Purnima 2006.


  • "What is the use of your lofty philosophy if your bathrooms are dirty?"


  • “Srila Prabhupada is like a transcendental bulldozer that has plowed through Kali yuga and all we have to do is get behind him and not be distracted by what we see on either side, and go straight back to Godhead."


  • "Nothing, 'no-thing' is a language error." Charlottesville, VA. Sept. 24 2006


  • "We do not need religion to establish our eternality." Charlottesville, VA. Oct. 1 2006


  •  "Light fixtures do not create energy, they conduct it. The nervous sytem therefore conducts consciousness." Charlottesville, VA. Oct. 1 2006


  • "Science attacks metaphysics by combining the 'hows' & the 'whys'; by answering the 'how' they assume that is the 'why'." Charlottesville, VA. Oct. 15 2006


  • "Conscious feeling creatures have purposes; if there is a purpose in the universe then it is the purpose of it's Creator." Charlottesville, VA. Oct. 21 2006 (Dipavali)


  •  "Fanatical religion's God is a monster." Charlottesville, VA. Oct. 29 2006 (Gosthastami, Gopastami)


  •  "The idea that the person that knows the physics & chemistry of this world holds superiority over the Artist is false." Charlottesville, VA. Nov. 19 2006


  • "There really is no injunction in sastra against beards, except for beards if one is fully following caturmasya vrata. Prabhupada just wants us to look presentable in our times, & of course he was preaching to many male hippies." White Hall, VA. Dec. 9 2006


  • "The reason why I chose Krsna Consciousness is because I believe it gives the most reasonable and complete explanation for the most important thing." Camden Center, London 2007


  •  "So we are in Prabhupada's International Society For Rehabilitation, 16 step program: chanting your rounds". – Srila Prabhupada Disappearance Lecture 2007


  • "The problem with material life is not that in the material life people are too romantic, it's exactly the opposite; they're not romantic enough". Sri Radhastami Lecture 2007


  •  "All of the good things of this world, all of the attractive things in this world, the problem's not that they're attractive, the problem is that our attraction is sort of nasty". Sri Radhastami Lecture 2007


  • "La religión en todas partes del mundo presenta, tal vez, las mejores oportunidades para la hipocresia" ( "Religion in all parts of the world presents, maybe, the best opportunity for hypocrisy".) Leon, Mexico in December 26 2005


  • "Being in sattva-guna and not accepting Krsna is like going to the airport and missing your flight" lecture on BG 14.16 in San Diego, 08-2007


  • "Freedom is the essence of a person Necessity is the essence of a thing". ecture on BG 7.10 on Father's Day


  • "If the non-devotees were sane then it would disprove our philosophy, because they're not chanting Hare Krishna, they're engaged in sinful activities. So if they were actually sane then what is the meaning of Bhagavad-gita? They must be insane. Actually when you see how they are insane you should think: this is confirming everything." Class on S.B. 2.8.6. June 4 1980


  • "We have god-given love in our hearts and we have god-given brains, and God wants us TO USE BOTH". Alachua, 2005


  • "The essence of surrender is to trust Krsna to do what is best for us and to believe that Krsna is not a religious fanatic." Seminar in Alachua about trust, 2007