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Krsna Loves us and is Detached (4-4-08)

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Evening program at Dayavir Prabhu's in Hillsborough


Part 1


Part 2


The topics of the first part of this lecture include:


-          - the history of religions and sociology of leadership

-          - how we address concern of people and know where we are

-          - using money properly in Krsna‚Äôs service

-          - Our purpose is to be united


The topics of the second part of this lecture include:


      - Ekadasi as an example of Krsna giving us a little austerity for the development of our character and  consciousness and how Krsna reciprocates if we follow. Krsna gives us so much and expects so little. He is free from any desire to lord it over. Whatever He is asking us to do is really for our benefit and at the same time respects our freedom and individuality.

-          - Krsna is not a jealous God, but gives us what we deserve based on objective principles

-          -  Krsna is everything we desire, our natural friend, a loving parent and the perfect person

-          - We have to be practical and not jeopardize our own health (e.i. in terms of milk products) because the body belongs to Krsna



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