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Los Angeles, CA (USA) June 2008

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The following pictures were taken in LA during the summer of 2008.


153 N. Arnaz Drive, Beverly Hills


Srila Acaryadeva would often pause during our early morning japa walks and say, "Krishna gave me an idea!"



This picture was taken in Franklin Canyon Park, a favorite spot of Srila Acaryadeva's for japa walks.





In June alone, Srila Acaryadeva gave lectures in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, and Italy via Skype.



Here in Beverly Woods is Circle Park, where Srila Acaryadeva would often play as a young kid.


Cheviot Hills is the park where Srila Prabhupada used to take morning walks while spending time in LA.


Srila Acaryadeva also explained that Cheviot Hills is the park where he used to play baseball.  He said that when he would walk here with Srila Prabhupada, it was like Krishna was replacing his memories.










On our japa walks, Srila Acaryadeva would often "stop to smell the roses."  Sometimes, he would take us out of our way just to visit a special rose bush with the sweetest smelling flowers in the neighborhood.  Other favorite flowers of his include jasmine, mimosa, southern magnolia, and gardenia.


Srila Acaryadev knows the names of all the trees in the area.  One day we were looking at a Drake Elm in Franklin Canyon and he commented, "You can just tell it is somebody's body."


Srila Acaryadeva is often on the phone.  His dedication to serving the devotees is apparent everytime he literally runs across the house when his phone is ringing.  Except during class, I have never seen him not answer his phone.








Srila Acaryadev likes to tease Krishna Priya dd, his dear disciple, by pulling down her hat!






Moving out!



Moving in!





Srila Acaryadeva likes to walk the UCLA campus.


This is the building where Srila Acaryadeva took his philosophy courses.  He said his time attending classes at UCLA in the 90's was a joyful experience, "a feast after fasting for many years." 



Srila Acaryadeva recalled the UCLA language labs and other courses he took here, including the History of Islam, Astrology, Anthropology of the Amazon, etc.


Looking down at UCLA's gymnasium building, built in the 1920's, Srila Acaryadeva commented how architecture is a reflection of philosophy.



Our godsister, Varesha dasi, is very dear to Srila Acaryadeva.