Same Chances for Everyone (Alachua 2-15-09)

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Alachua Sundayfeast lecture on BG 10.9. given on Feb. 15, 2009 


Acaryadeva here speaks about the importance of both päïcarätrika-vidhi (seeing and worshipping the deity) and bhägavata-vidhi (telling others about Krishna) which Prabhupada said are like a train on two tracks. Everybody is a living temple of Krishna and we must be able to see Krishna everywhere. We all have the same opportunity to chant the Holy Name and get Krishna’s mercy.





Bg 10.9

mac-cittä mad-gata-präëä

bodhayantaù parasparam

kathayantaç ca mäà nityaà

tuñyanti ca ramanti ca



The thoughts of My pure devotees dwell in Me, their lives are fully devoted to My service, and they derive great satisfaction and bliss from always enlightening one another and conversing about Me.