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Mahabharata Katha 2010

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The following lectures were given by H.D. Goswami at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat Center in Nassau, Bahamas during the last week of April 2010. Having been invited to present seven days of Mahabharata Katha, H.D. Goswami gave lectures in the morning and evening and was accompanied by Karnamrita dasi and friends, who performed kirtan before and after each lecture. Approximately 150 students and yoga vacationers were in attendance throughout the week. Krishna Priya dd, who was assisting H.D. Goswami at the retreat center, has written a short description of the week that can be read here. 





Lecture 1- April 25, 2010 (evening)

Lecture 2- April 26, 2010 (morning)

Lecture 3- April 26, 2010 (evening)

Lecture 4- April 27, 2010 (morning)

Lecture 5- April 27, 2010 (evening)

Lecture 6- April 28, 2010 (morning)

Lecture 7- April 28, 2010 (evening)

Lecture 8- April 29, 2010 (morning)

Lecture 9- April 29, 2010 (evening)

Lecture 10- April 30, 2010 (morning)

Lecture 11- April 30, 2010 (evening)

Lecture 12- May 1, 2010 (morning)

Lecture 13- May 1, 2010 (evening)



Good News Interview (Interview recorded at the Sivananda Center by Good News Press on April 27, 2010)


Tears Falling From My Eyes (Introduction and song presented by H.D. Goswami at the Sivananda Center on May 1, 2010. Song only HERE.)